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"That moment when you hear a song on the radio and say, the 78's sing this song way better..."

"Watching them set and prep for each song is as intriguing as watching and listening to them perform the song. Their banter with themselves and their audience definitely shine with the experience the professionalism that they have acquired over the years."

 "I have never enjoyed any music as much as I enjoyed you guys!"

"The 78's are so unique. With them its all about the music. I love how they take a well known song and put their own creative spin on it. Love the 78's!!!!"

"They have played my pub twice now and they are simply amazing.  My only regret is that others will find out how silly good they are and I'll have trouble booking them.  I would book them every week if I could.  Pure enjoyment."

"Love this duo! They have a fantastic sound and great sense of humor!"

"❤️ me some The 78's! Crazy music talent and even better human beings."

"The extremely popular 78's are back at it tonight. If you have never heard these two play, you owe it to yourself to make plans to attend tonight. Those that have, you need no introduction. Hands down one of the most talented duo's you will ever see."

"If for some reason you have not witnessed these 2 unbelievable people perform get a pen right now it put them on your bucket list. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed."

"Great sound, better people."